Tree Surgery Aerial Training Courses

Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue

Lean how to climb tree and perform aerial rescue.
NPTC unit 306

Aerial Tree

Learn to operate chainsaws from a rope and harness.
NPTC unit 308

Aerial Tree

Learn how to remove tree sections using aerial rigging.
NPTC unit 309

Aerial Tree

Learn how to correctly prune and re-shape trees.
NPTC unit 21-07

Here you will find our range of tree surgery aerial training courses. We offer all the aerial and climbing training to become a tree surgeon. Even when working as a groundsman within tree work you may be required to hold NPTC unit 308 Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue (previously CS38). During your training for NPTC unit 308 you will learn how to access and manoeuvre around the tree, along with learning the skills to rescue climbers in the event of an accident.

This is an excellent course for beginner tree climbers. Generally when progressing into becoming a tree surgeon, once candidates have achieved their Tree climbing & Aerial Rescue qualifications, the next step is NPTC unit 309, Aerial Tree Cutting (previously CS39). On this 3 day course you will learn how to operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness using free fall techniques,  an essential skill required to become a tree surgeon. 

Aerial Tree Rigging (previously CS41) covers a range of techniques used to manage the removal of tree sections using rigging techniques. Rigging is an essential skill in tree surgery, on this course you will learn how to manage the removal of timber without causing damage to the site below. We also offer an advanced version of the Aerial Tree Rigging. The advanced course is an extended version which will still award successful candidates with NPTC unit 308 Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue (previously CS38) qualifications unit (309) whilst exploring the wide range of tree rigging techniques available today. 

Our SRT (Stationary Rope Technique) course is offered with either a TCIA or LANTRA qualification. SRT is a modern technique  for tree climbing which has recently been condensed into a 3 day course gaining successful candidates with a formal qualification. SRT has been used across the world in tree surgery for the past few years and now formal guidelines have been set. We are one of leading companies offering tree surgery aerial training courses and  SRT training and qualifications.

Tree Surgery Aerial Training Courses FAQs

The aerial training courses include Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue, Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw, Aerial Pruning, and Aerial Rigging.

These courses are suitable for individuals at all levels, from beginners to advanced arborists.

The duration varies depending on the specific course, typically ranging from a few days to a week.

Participants need PPE, climbing harness, climbing lines, chainsaw, and other relevant climbing and cutting gear.

Successful participants will receive industry-recognized NPTC or LANTRA certifications upon completing the courses.