EFAW+F Emergency First Aid at Work (Forestry First Aid)
1 Day Course

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Emergency First Aid at Work EFAW is a 1 day Forestry First Aid FAIB approved qualification for people requiring first aid knowledge to deal with minor injuries. This one day course covers theory and practical and has ongoing assessment throughout, with successful candidates receiving a certificate valid for 3 years. The Forestry +F element complies with the Forestry Commission First Aid policy and HSE guidance and relates to injuries relevant to the Arboriculture & Forestry industries. This includes chainsaw/machinery injuries, crush injuries, hypothermia, ticks and lyme disease and suspension trauma.

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Who is the forestry first aid course for?

This forestry first aid course is aimed at those who require knowledge to administer forestry first aid for minor injuries in the arboriculture and forestry industries. 

price and booking

Course cost: £120 + VAT per person.

Booking: If you would like to book onto this course please the requirements below, and follow to our contact form.

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Are You Ready To Start?

The course is a one-day program.

Topics include roles and responsibilities of a first aider, assessing incidents, providing first aid for various injuries (e.g., unresponsive casualty, choking, bleeding, shock, minor injuries), and dealing with forestry-specific injuries like chainsaw/machinery injuries and hypothermia.

There are no specific prerequisites, but it is aimed at those needing forestry-specific first aid knowledge.

The course costs £120 + VAT per person.

Successful candidates receive a certificate valid for three years.

Our Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry First Aid course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills needed to handle medical emergencies in a forestry environment. This comprehensive one-day course covers both standard workplace first aid and specialized forestry first aid techniques, ensuring you are prepared for any situation. Our experienced instructors will guide you through practical scenarios, helping you gain confidence in your ability to respond effectively. Topics include CPR, dealing with severe bleeding, handling fractures, and managing shock, as well as forestry-specific issues such as hypothermia and injuries from machinery or tools.

Whether you’re a forestry worker, tree surgeon, or outdoor enthusiast, this course provides vital training that could make a life-saving difference. Join us to enhance your first aid skills and ensure you meet the industry’s safety standards. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification valid for three years, demonstrating your competence and commitment to safety in the workplace.



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