Advanced Aerial
Rigging (CS41)

Advance your knowledge on aerial rigging

CS41 Advanced Aerial Rigging

Stationary Rope Technique

Learn how to use SRT during tree climbing

Stationary Rope Technique Training

Arborists Knots

Discover the range of arborist knots available

Advanced Arborist Training


Update your knowledge and skills in tree climbing

Arborists Knots Workshop
At Ground Up Training we believe tree surgery training should continue throughout your career. Our advanced tree surgery training courses are aimed at candidates who would like to further their skills,  exploring the range of modern tree climbing and rigging techniques available today. Our advanced training courses cover the use of SRT (stationary rope techniques), advanced aerial rigging, along with arborist knots. With the  recent addition of  “Two-Rope-working” requirements, we also provide a 1 day update looking into the specifics as outlined by the HSE and WHR.

Are You Ready To Start an Advanced Tree Surgery Training Course?

We offer courses in Advanced Aerial Rigging (CS41), Stationary Rope Techniques (SRT), Arborists Knots Workshop, and Two-Rope Working updates.

These courses are ideal for experienced arborists looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in modern tree surgery techniques.

The duration varies by course, typically ranging from one to several days.

Yes, participants should have prior basic training and experience in tree surgery and climbing.

For specific pricing details, please visit the respective course pages or contact Ground Up Training directly.