Stationary rope work positioning
2-4 day course

Stationary Rope Technique Course description

Stationary Rope Technique Course and Stationary Rope Work Positioning (SRWP) have been described with various acronyms and descriptions in recent years. SRT (Stationary Rope Technique) has been the most common among the tree surgery industry so far. Recently LANTRA and TCIA have offered formal training and standard setting for this widely debated modern climbing system. The more accurate term and acronym (SRWP) has been set by LANTRA. SRWP is the process of using a stationary rope for ascent/descent work positioning with a tree. The new technique comes with a range of advantages over the traditional use of a Moving Rope System (MRS) which arborists have used for many years. SRWP can save on fatigue dramatically as working from a static rope can reduce body movement required to ascend on a MRS system. With a range of system configurations and equipment to select from, formal training is highly advised to ensure correct techniques and equipment is selected when using SRWP.

Who is the Stationary Rope Technique Course for?

This stationary rope technique course is aimed at climbers with some already gained experience of MRS climbing systems and are keen to gain the skills and knowledge to incorporate SRWP into their working day as a tree surgeon. No SRWP experience is needed, however climbers with SRWP experience are welcome to come and formalise their knowledge and skills in this area.

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price and booking

Course cost: £375-675+VAT per person.

Booking: If you would like to book, please review the requirements below and follow the link to our contact form.

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Equipment requirements

Please ensure all climbing equipment is EN compliant and has appropriate LOLER certificates and PPE is in good condition. Equipment is available for hire if candidates do not yet have their own. Please contact the office for cost.

Are You Ready To Start?

The course lasts between 2 to 4 days, depending on the chosen training intensity.

The stationary rope technique course is aimed at climbers with experience in Moving Rope System (MRS) climbing who want to incorporate Stationary Rope Work Positioning (SRWP) techniques.

Participants need PPE, a tree climbing harness, two climbing lines (30m+), an adjustable lanyard, karabiners, and CE marked rope wrench and SRWP compatible friction devices.

The course covers canopy and basal anchors, equipment selection, ascending techniques, work positioning techniques, and includes the LANTRA SRWP workbook.

The course costs between £375 and £675+VAT per person.