Chainsaw Maintenance & Felling Trees Up To 380mm NPTC Level 2 Units 201/202/203 (CS30/31) Combined 6 Day Course

Chainsaw Operator Course description


Ground Based Chainsaw Operator Course is a combined training course which covers chainsaw maintenance, basic chainsaw use, and felling trees up to 380mm. Successful candidates will achieve the necessary certification to fell trees (up to 380mm in diameter). The course is broken down into five days training, concluding on the sixth day with an NPTC assessment. This entry level course is ideal for candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in tree surgery and forestry, and for all chainsaw operators who require a certification in chainsaw use and felling trees.

Training content

Assessment content

To view the CS30/31 NPTC assessment guidance please click the link below

Who is the Chainsaw Operator Course for?

This Ground Based Chainsaw Operator Course is entry level and is suitable for candidates wishing to start learning the trade of the tree surgeon or forester. It is also a requirement for all commercial chainsaw operators to hold this certification for chainsaw use and felling trees.

price and booking

Course cost: £925+VAT per person price includes NPTC assessment fees.

Booking: If you would like to book, please review the requirements below and follow the link to our contact form.

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Equipment requirements

Please ensure all equipment is PUWER compliant and PPE is in good condition. Equipment is available for hire if candidates do not yet have their own. Please contact the office for cost.

Are You Ready To Start?

The ground based chainsaw operator course lasts for six days, with five days of training followed by an assessment on the sixth day.

There are no prerequisite NPTC qualifications needed. Candidates must be over 16 years old and able to participate in five days of physical work.

Participants need PPE, a rear-handled chainsaw with up to a 15” bar, a felling lever and wedges, timber tongs, fuel & oil, and a maintenance kit.

The ground based chainsaw operator course covers chainsaw maintenance, chain sharpening, starting procedures, cross-cutting, bore cuts, felling trees up to 380mm, and more.

The course costs £925+VAT per person, including NPTC assessment fees.


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