Brush-cutters & Trimmers NPTC Level 2 14-21 Unit 201
1 Day Course

NPTC Brushcutter Course description


This NPTC Brushcutter course comprehensively covers the use and maintenance of brush-cutters and trimmers. The course includes pre-use checks, maintenance, and identification of controls and instruments. Participants will learn to operate the machine to its full capacity, focusing on safety and efficiency. The one-day course involves practical training and ends with an NPTC assessment. Successful candidates will receive certification, enabling them to safely use brush cutting and trimming equipment in various settings. Topics such as risk assessment, safe operation, and equipment handling are also covered to ensure thorough understanding and competency.

Training content

Assessment content

To view the 14-21 NPTC assessment guidance please click the link below

Who is the NPTC Brushcutter Course for?

This qualification is specifically designed for individuals who utilize brush-cutters or trimmers as part of their professional duties in the horticulture, arboriculture, or forestry industries. It aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for safe and effective operation of this machinery. The course covers essential aspects such as pre-use checks, maintenance, identification of controls and instruments, and safe operating techniques. Upon successful completion, participants will be certified to operate brush-cutters and trimmers, ensuring they meet industry safety standards.

NPTC brushcutter course

price and booking

NPTC brushcutter course cost: £250+VAT per person price includes NPTC assessment fees.

Booking: If you would like to book onto this course please the requirements below, and follow to our contact form.

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Equipment requirements

Please ensure all equipment is PUWER compliant and PPE is in good condition. Equipment is available for hire if candidates do not yet have their own. Please contact the office for cost.

Are You Ready To Start?

The course is a one-day program, including training and assessment.

This course is designed for individuals who use brush-cutters or trimmers in the horticulture, arboriculture, or forestry industries.

Participants need PPE, a brush-cutter/trimmer with an operator’s manual and harness, fuel, and a tool kit for equipment.

This NPTC Brushcutter course is aimed at professionals in the horticulture, arboriculture, and forestry industries who use brush-cutters or trimmers as part of their work. The course covers essential topics including relevant legislation, risk assessments, equipment maintenance, safe operation, and manual handling techniques. Participants will learn to perform pre-use checks, identify controls and instruments, and operate the machine effectively. The one-day training concludes with an NPTC assessment, and successful candidates will receive certification to safely operate brush cutting and trimming equipment.

The course costs £250+VAT per person, including NPTC assessment fees.