Felling Trees Up-To 380mm Course NPTC Level 2 Unit 203 (CS31)
5 Day Course

Course description


Tree felling courses such as Felling Trees Up-To 380mm will equip candidates with the appropriate knowledge, techniques and safety guidelines to fell trees commercially. Successful candidates will achieve the necessary certification to fell trees up to 380mm in diameter. The course is broken down into four days training, concluding on the fifth day with an NPTC assessment. Candidates must already hold their NPTC CS30 Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting certificate to attend this training course.

Training content

Assessment content

To view the CS31 NPTC assessment guidance please click here

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for candidates who are interested in extending their career in tree surgery and forestry. It is also perfect for all chainsaw operators who wish to develop their skills, enhance their knowledge, and gain industry-recognized certifications. The comprehensive training covers essential techniques and safety practices, ensuring participants are well-equipped for advanced tasks in their professional roles.

price and booking

Course cost: £792 (price includes VAT & NPTC assessment fees.).

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Equipment requirements

Are You Ready To Start?

The course lasts for five days, with four days of training followed by an assessment on the fifth day.

Candidates must hold a valid NPTC Level 2 20-03 (CS30) Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting certificate and be over 16 years old.


Participants need PPE, a rear-handled chainsaw with up to a 15” bar, felling lever and wedges, timber tongs, fuel & oil, and a maintenance kit.

The course covers legislation knowledge, risk assessment, felling trees under and over 200mm, standard and technical felling cuts, removing branches, and manual handling techniques.

The course costs £792, which includes VAT and NPTC assessment fees.



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