Arborist Knots workshop
1 day course

Course description

At our Arborists Knots Workshop workshop, you will dive into the world of knots with a range of uses. We have worked with our team of specialist knotologists to compile a range of recognised knots that can be used during our day, that are not included within basic tree climbing courses. Along with a range of uses for arborist knots, we will also look into the exciting world of MA systems (Mechanical Advantage) to help assist in the safe pulling of ropes, to reduce strain on our bodies. Knots are a fantastic way of helping us through our working day as a tree surgeon. Knots can assist us in our climbing systems, with such knots as the bowline and figure of 8, which have been used to attach ourselves to climbing ropes. Knots such as the Blakes Hitch and the Prusik have been used for many years by tree surgeons, as friction devices to allow safe ascent and descent.

Who is the Arborists Knots Workshop for?

This Arborist knots workshop is aimed at anybody with passion and interest for the tying and uses of knots. Many experienced tree surgeons have attended our knots workshops and have found there are many knots that can be utilised in the working day. This course also welcomes individuals who are not working in the tree industry but who would like to explore the exciting world of knot tying.

price and booking

Course cost: £95+VAT per person.

Booking: If you would like to book, please review the requirements below and follow the link to our contact form.

Dates: Please click the link below to view our online calendar for all course dates.


Equipment requirements

Please ensure all climbing equipment is EN compliant and has appropriate LOLER certificates and PPE is in good condition. Equipment is available for hire if candidates do not yet have their own. Please contact the office for cost.

Are You Ready To Start our Arborists Knots Workshop?

The workshop is a one-day course.

The Arborists Knots Workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in knot tying, including experienced tree surgeons and individuals outside the tree industry.

Participants should bring suitable rope for knot tying, PPE, and optionally a tree climbing harness, climbing lines, adjustable lanyard, karabiners, and prussik loops.

The Arborists knots workshop covers a range of arborist knots, their uses in climbing systems, and Mechanical Advantage (MA) systems to assist in safe rope pulling.

The course costs £95+VAT per person.