Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting

Learn how to maintain and operate a chainsaw.
NPTC unit 201/202

Felling Trees Up To 380mm

Learn how to fell trees up to 380mm in diameter.
NPTC unit 203

Ground Based Chainsaw Operator

A combined course
NPTC units 201/202/203

Felling Trees Over

Learn how to fell trees over 380mm in diameter.
NPTC unit 301

Here you will find our range of land based chainsaw training. It is a requirement by law that under PUWER all chainsaw operators must hold valid qualifications in chainsaw use.  The first stage in gaining your chainsaw licence is NPTC unit 201/202 Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting (previously CS30). This entry level course will gain successful candidates the necessary qualifications to operate and maintain a chainsaw in the commercial environment. NPTC unit 203 Felling Trees Up To 380mm is next course in becoming qualified to use chainsaws and to fell trees up to 380mm commercially. Felling trees is an essential skill whether you are in the process of becoming a tree surgeon or you work in any industry that requires the skill of removing tress from ground level. 

Ground Based Chainsaw Operator is the ideal course for gaining the certification to perform chainsaw maintenance and cross-cutting along with felling trees in a combined course.  On our Ground Based Chainsaw Operator course successful candidates will achieve NPTC units 201/202/203 (previously CS30/31). Felling Trees over 380mm will cover the felling of trees over 380mm, concentrating on techniques for tree felling when our guide bar is smaller than the trees diameter. This is an excellent course for candidates with already gained tree felling experience.